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I am happy to let you know that iI will add a talented Doctor to my practice. 
Dr Trevine Albert, DO
He will  starting to work with me part-time and will practice under my supervision.
He has been trained as a Family physician and has expertise in manipulation therapy as well as intra-articular injections.
He has done rotations with me and has a keen interest in treating chronic pain conditions.He has learned the right way to use opiates whenever everything else has failed but because he can add valuable non pharmacological treatments, he may be able to limit the use of opiates, or reduce the quantaties needed.
He has also been taught the difference between Addiction and Pseudo-Addiction, and physical dependence.
He is X waivered, meaning he will be able to do opiate detoxification with Buprenorphine as well as maintenance therapy with buprenorphine.